Shareholder Benefits

Online Vacation Center Holdings Corp. is pleased to present its expanded and improved Shareholder Program: Owners of 500 shares of ONVC stock are eligible for a 5% cash reward on qualified bookings. In cases where the prevailing offer is more generous, Online Vacation Center has now expanded its benefits so that shareholders always receive a better offer than the already-discounted rates available to the general public. In this case, shareholders will receive a minimum $100 Shareholder Benefit on top of the most inclusive offer available! We also recently began waiving the Custom Air Fee for shareholders, a value of $50 per person.

For shareholder travel, please provide your name, reservation number, travel date and proof of ownership of ONVC shares (i.e. shares certificate, a current brokerage or nominee statement or a photocopy of a shareholder proxy card) to your Personal Vacation Manager. Applications to receive this reward must be made prior to final payment in order to qualify. For referral travel, to qualify for cash reward, the referral must travel on the same itinerary as the shareholder and be identified as a shareholder referral to their Personal Vacation Manager at time of booking. You must be a current shareholder at the time of travel in order to qualify for the cash back reward. For cruise only purchases: Amount of cash back award will be calculated on final purchase price of the cruise only, exclusive of taxes and insurance. For VIPs: Amount of cash back award will be calculated on original final purchase price exclusive of taxes and insurance. Cash reward will be paid approximately 4 to 6 weeks after travel. Cancellations in full or partial penalty not eligible.

Expanded Shareholder Program benefits apply to new bookings only, made January 15, 2016 or later. Shareholder Program is not combinable with other Online Vacation Center discounts, concessions or amenities. ONVC reserves the right to add, delete, amend, change or end this program at any time. Employees or anyone traveling on a reduced-rate or complimentary basis is excluded from this offer.

Stock Information

ONVC - (OTCQX) 6/25/19

Contact Information

ONVC Investor Relations
John Stunson
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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