Investor Relations

Founded in 1972, Online Vacation Center Holdings (OTCQX: ONVC) owns five vacation-oriented businesses:

  • Online Vacation Center, a leading U.S. cruise retailer;
  • Dunhill Travel Deals, a digital marketing company publicizing travel, vacation and cruise deals through an extensive email subscriber base and 40+ partner websites;
  • Enrichment Journeys, a developer of unique river, ocean and land-based vacation packages;
  • Luxury Link, an online window to the world's best destinations, luxury accommodations and curated travel experiences; and
  • Expedia® Cruises of OVC®, a franchise supporting independent travel consultants.
  • Stock Information

    ONVC - (OTCQX) 10/2/23

    Contact Information

    ONVC Investor Relations
    Stephen Rudner
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

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